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The Word is Out - New Brunswick is Canada’s ‘Best Kept Secret’

We’ve always been at home with the spectacular. That’s simply what happens when you grow up with endless adventure right in your own backyard. When some of your earliest memories are of day-tripping with family to Canada’s warmest saltwater beaches, or taking a walk on the ocean floor. It’s a side effect of living where lobster is a picnic food and kitchen parties are always a possibility.

No wonder the rest of the world is taking notice. The New York Times has called New Brunswick “one of Canada’s best kept secrets.” The National Post declared it “an unforgettable experience.” And TripAdvisor rates it as “an absolutely must-see place to go.

So why not take some time for play this summer? Explore the Hopewell Rocks…by kayak. Go for a bike ride…down a mountain. Let the ocean-view take your breath away…from a zip-line. A few days’ ‘staycation’ might be the perfect way to relax, recharge, and reconnect with this incredible place we call home.

The Season's Coolest Must-Do's

  • Hit the Slopes

    Hit the Slopes

    Grab your skis. Jump on your snowboard. With four different ski hills and the most snow in the Maritimes, winter here is a rush!

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  • Snowshoeing, Daly Point Park, Bathurst, New Brunswick  Canada

    Make Tracks for Winter Fun

    Ever climbed a Friar’s Nose? Or explored glittering ice caves? Strap on your snowshoes or snow boots and make tracks for these unforgettable hikes.

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  • The thrill of the glide

    The Thrill of the Glide

    Cross-country ski through a winter wonderland of groomed trails and breathtaking scenery. Find clubs, clinics and fun for all levels.

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  • Let’s Get Festive!

    Let’s Get Festive!

    Lights! Laughter! Music! Yup, there’s a festival for that. Check out this eventful line-up and join the fun.

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  • Born to Ride

    Born to Ride

    Experience a snowmobile superhighway. 8,000 kilometres of trails are primed and ready for you. Get your sled and let’s go!

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  • Winter Fun Indoors

    Winter Fun Indoors

    Need a break from winter’s chill? From museums to trampolines, keep everyone entertained with these fun indoor adventures.

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  • The Market’s Wintry Delights

    The Markets' Wintry Delights

    The delicious offerings at these year-round farmers' markets are a sure way to keep winter’s chill at bay.

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  • Mount Carleton Provincial Parc

    Adventure in an Appalachian Park

    From ice fishing to dogsledding – and even winter survival training – take snowy adventure to new heights at Mount Carleton Provincial Park.

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  • Hot Spots for Cold Nights

    Hot Spots for Cold Nights

    Make the most of those cold winter nights. Check out these urban hot spots and after-dark to-do’s, from cosy pubs to comedy clubs.

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  • 5 Naturally Awesome Winter Getaways

    5 Naturally Awesome Winter Getaways

    Cross-country ski, snowshoe, or snowmobile right from your front door when you stay at one of these 5 spots that put the win in winter.

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  • Winter Adventures & Outdoor Escapades

    Winter Adventures & Outdoor Escapades

    Dogsleds, ice walls, fat bikes and more! The A for Adventure duo know how to have a blast in the Maritimes’ snowiest province.

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  • Discover the Wonder of Winter

  • Head to the Hills for Epic Skiing and Snowboarding

  • Take Winter in Stride on New Brunswick’s Trails

  • Your Winter Paradise Awaits

The perfect place to explore and try something new.

- Globe and Mail

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