Chef Joel Aubie

Joel Aubie, chef and owner of Fresco Kitchen and Jobie’s Mobile Kitchen, Bathurst, New Brunswick  Canada. Photo Credit:  Aman Parhar
Fresco Kitchen

Chef Joel Aubie’s passion for good, fresh food started at a young age, harvesting vegetables in his father’s garden in Bathurst. This passion led him to study at the Culinary Institute of Canada before honing his skills in restaurants in Niagara Falls, Halifax, and Montreal. In 2008, he became Head Chef of the Shelter restaurant in Tofino, BC, which led to an appearance on Top Chef Canada a few years later. 

In 2012, Joel felt the pull of home and decided to return to Bathurst. He packed up and bought a truck that he drove across the country, with the idea of starting a food truck. He opened Jobie’s Mobile Kitchen in 2013 and followed that up by opening a fine dining restaurant in downtown Bathurst called Fresco Kitchen in 2017. This new restaurant gives Chef Joel the chance to flex his chef skills while bringing a great dining experience to this urban hub on the Acadian coast.