Bon Appetit Taste True Cuisine

Your evening out at a restaurant could take you anywhere from an oyster bar to a French-inspired bistro, a country inn or a family-friendly venue. For immersive culinary experiences that connect you with local cuisine, producers and chefs, explore the food and wine offerings in our restaurants.

The Freshest Food Locally Produced

You’ll find everything from the freshest seafood to locally produced maple syrup at our farmers markets. Better yet, there’s one in almost every community! Be sure to try tasty snacks hard to find anywhere else, like dulse – a salty sea treat – or hearty Acadian dishes full of the rich taste of this vibrant culture.

Wineries Winery Sips to Savour

New Brunswick’s scenic wine regions stretch from coastal shores to fertile valleys, producing complex cool-climate grape and fruit wines. Use the New Brunswick Winery Route map to plan a wine tasting tour.

Cheers to Beers Raising a Glass to You

Did you know Moosehead, Canada’s oldest independent brewery, is located in New Brunswick? So is a burgeoning craft beer industry, with microbreweries such as Picaroons, Pump House, Big Tide and many others garnering national recognition. Stop in for a pint and read up on New Brunswick brewery news.

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  • Meet Peter, Purveyor of Fine Ales and Fun

  • Love Lobster, Love Life

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NB Insider

Peter Stoddard
Purveyor of Fine Ales and Fun

The Saint John Ale House celebrates our rich history but also brings some trendy fun foods and beers to the forefront of what’s happening in Uptown Saint John. I used to come down here as a kid and I love being able to rejuvenate the area.

Celebrating the Uptown

Peter Stoddard has a unique gift – he’s been able to take all things New Brunswick, the history, the fresh from the farm ingredients, locally brewed beer and the need to celebrate to create the Saint John Ale House. Since he opened in 2004, there’s been steady growth in Uptown Saint John.

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