Roosevelt Campobello International Park

Roosevelt Cottage on Roosevelt Campobello International Park, New Brunswick Canada
Roosevelt Campobello International Park flower gardens, New Brunswick Canada
Roosevelt Campobello International Park observation deck, New Brunswick Canada
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Roosevelt Campobello International Park, New Brunswick Canada
Roosevelt Campobello International Park trail, New Brunswick Canada

Roosevelt Campobello International Park is a charming, natural wonder located on Campobello Island in the Bay of Fundy. The late U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt spent his summers on Campobello Island, where he loved to sail, hike, and picnic. He first visited as a boy, and later with his wife, Eleanor, and their children. It’s easy to see what brought the man who became a great American president back to this Canadian island year after year- the unspoiled beauty of the spectacular Bay of Fundy is simply irresistible.

Take a guided tour of the Roosevelt summer “cottage,” a truly impressive residence with 34 rooms. You’ll learn about everything from the design and construction of the house, to the day-to-day life of the Roosevelt family. Explore the exhibits and artifacts in the Visitor Centre. And join a guided tour of the grounds where you will learn more about the Roosevelts and Campobello Island history. Within walking distance of the FDR cottage you’ll view the historic Hubbard Cottage gardens, currently being restored to their original circa 1890’s landscape design.

Daily programs include:

- Tea with Eleanor - a delightful tea, cookies and talk in one of the on-site cottages. For an hour our expert park guides tell the story of Eleanor’s life on the island and her many accomplishments.

- The F.U.N. Tour - Join expert Park interpreters for an unconventional one-hour adventure. You’ll enjoy the behind-the-scenes access to scandalous secrets, back stories, and the hidden nooks and crannies of the world’s only international park.

- Guided Hike on FDR’s favourite trail - explore FDR’s favourite trail and the scenic forest, beach, and headlands of Friar’s Head with naturalist guides. The hike is of moderate difficulty, and appropriate footwear is required. 

Experience the larger park – over 1158-ha (2800 acres) of forest bog and seashore. Beautiful flower gardens, scenic trails, carriage roads, numerous picnic areas, seascape observation decks with magnificent vistas are all here to see and enjoy as the Roosevelts did. Plus, there are four lighthouses, whale-watching tours on the Bay of Fundy, and plenty of bird-watching opportunities nearby.

For a lite breakfast and lunch visit The Café at Prince Cottage. Enjoy your favourite beverages on our porch overlooking Friar’s Bay.

The Roosevelt Campobello International Park is funded and administered jointly by Canada and the U.S. It was created to preserve the memory of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and to honour the legacy of friendship between two great nations.

Open May 25 - October 19

Roosevelt Campobello International Park

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